Saving the Manor through Privatization

  • July 5: Presentation by Dan Crowell, Treasurer: Financial history and future projections with the Consumer Price Index at 2.5% annual growth, health insurance annual growth at 9% and personal service at 2.5% annual growth. (PDF)
    • The table includes actual revenues and expenditures for Otsego Manor from
      2007 to 2011, budgeted expenditures for 2012, and projected expenditures from 2013 to 2016. Key factors in the projections include the Consumer Price Index at 2.5% annual growth, health insurance annual growth at 9% and personal service at 2.5% annual growth.
    • Of note is the volatility of revenues in past years, largely due to State management of Medicaid funds. Any meaningful analysis of revenues in particular must incorporate multi-year averages. Similarly, projections must be considered in light of this volatility. However, expected state action through such initiatives as the Medicaid Redesign Team is likely to further reduce revenue related to this program.
    • The "TOTAL Local Cost" row on the bottom right of the page can be accurately understood as the annual operating loss of the facility. Traditionally ranging--on average--to between $3 million to $3.5 million, this is projected to grow to over $6 million by 2015. Pending action by New York State on Medicaid may accelerate this increase furth.
  • The Problem:
    Over 70% of the total Manor operating budget revenue comes through the New York State Medicaid Program. Manor costs exceed Medicaid reimbursements. This is due in part because our wages and benefits exceed the regional pricing rates. Since Mr. Crowell made his estimates for future county subsidy the projected subsidy for 2013 has grown to $5.5 Million. Click on HOW NEW YORK STATE REGIONAL PRICING WORKS for an explanation of the reimbursement policy and a comparision of our costs to the regional median.
  • August 1 Presentation by Ed Marchi, Manor administrator: What to do with "The Manor" - Options for the Future (PDF)
  • Sept. 5 - Board vote to sell the Manor to the highest responsible bidder: Resolution 282-20120905 (PDF)
  • Current committee work: Soliciting quotes from possible consultants to assist the board in the process. Anyone interested in submitting a quote should do so.
  • January 11. The board voted January 11, 2013, to contract with the Center for Governmental Research to serve as our consultant as we move forward in saving the Manor. Don Pryor, Ph.D., Director of Human Services Analaysis for The Center for Governmental Research, and Jamie Saunders, Associate Director, will assist the board in the development and marketing of a request for proposals, review and evaluation of proposals received, and other needed services.

    Prior to the vote, the full board conducted a 90 minute interview during which Dr. Pryor stressed that they will work with the Manor Advisory Committee to determine priority issues, concerns and criteria. He recognized our goal of retaining a high quality, long term residential care facility with minimal if any disruption to our residents and our employees.

    Please click on the link for the full proposal from the Center for Governmental Research
  • Statements of Revenue, Expenses and Changes in Fund Equity (Deficit)
  • Otsego Manor Financial Model
  • Possible ways to sell the Manor