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Katch Clark, Board Chair

James Powers, Public Safety Chair

Cameron Allison, Undersheriff, Acting 911 Coordinator

Donald Lincourt, Cpt. 911 Supervisor

Kevin Ritton, Emergency Services Coordinator

Robert O'Brien, Asst. Emergency Services Coordinator

Ron Tiderencel, County Highway Supervisor

Patrick Pidgeon, Chief Oneonta Fire Dept.

. NYS Police

Larry Lamb , Fire Advisory Board

Michael Covert, Chief Cooperstown Village Police

Dr. David Markowitz, EMS Council


Otsego County 911 Policy Review and Oversight Committee

The Otsego County 911 Policy Review and Oversight Committee is a not-for-profit organization with an elected Board designed to represent the interests of Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement subscribers within Otsego County.  The committee is intended to improve E911 operations by establishing and maintaining practical and measurable operational standards for dispatch services.  The committee will consist of (13) members: The Chairman of the Otsego County Board of Representatives or their designee, The Chairman of the Public Safety Committee of the Otsego County Board of Representatives, The Otsego County Sheriff, the Otsego County Emergency Services Coordinator, The Otsego County Under-Sheriff, The Assistant Emergency Services Coordinator of Otsego County, the Otsego County 911 Supervisor, The Otsego County Highway Superintendent, The City of Oneonta Fire Chief or designee, New York State Police Troop C Major or designee,  The Chief of Police of the Village of Cooperstown, and one (1) representative each from the Otsego County Fire Advisory Board and Otsego County EMS Counsel. 


Managerial considerations: Day to Day operations are directly managed and supervised by the Otsego County Sheriff. Oversight of the 911 system will be accomplished by the Otsego County 911 Policy Review and Oversight Committee. The board will be responsible for the developing and approving SOP’s, resolving disputes between agencies and/or municipalities for the 911 system.  Future committee work my involve, system planning, coordination, liaison with 911 vendors, public education and budgetary preparation/submission / and supervision of the E-911 Funds.

The Committee in concert with the affected agencies shall develop all necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for the effective and efficient operation of the Otsego County E911 system. Service to the public shall be the guiding principle in all such endeavors.


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