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172 County Highway 33W
Cooperstown, NY 13326

Phone: 607-547-6405 or


  Fax:  607-547-7529




How to Request a New 911 Address

To request a new 911 Address, please contact the Addressing Office

at (607) 547-6405 or e-mail Laura Schulz at:



Updated 911 address information ensures that the correct Fire/EMS/LAW Enforcement agencies can be dispatched to assist you when an emergency occurs.

If any of the following question need to be answered, please contact the Otsego County 911 Addressing Office at 1-800-4089-8534. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED, It is however strongly recommended.

With the constantly changing choices of telephone services, it has become very difficult to maintain a current database of where you live for 911 purposes. The original land line telephone service that was common in the past is being replaced by cellular phones and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol Service) telephones. It is very important and recommended that you contact our office to update your address information if any of the following applies to you.

  1. ANY time you move from one home to another or change your telephone number
  2. If you move from your current residence into a new residence, please do not move the 911 address to the new location. Every structure has a unique address assigned to it according to road footage at the location.
  3. If you move your current telephone number to another location/address, even if you are moving into a new home on the same parcel of land
  4. If you have moved your land line telephone service and currently use cell phone exclusively or have changed to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol Service) please contact us
  5. Seasonal residences also require a 911 address. If you will share your out of town contact information with us, should something happen while you are away, we will have a record of who to contact  **All telephone contact information is secure and used only for 911 purposes - we do not share this information**
  6. Rental properties- It is recommended to update tenant information any time the current tenant changes. LANDLORDS should call us to keep records up to date
  7. All new and existing residential or commercial buildings are required to have a 911 address by NYS code.

  8. POST YOUR 911 ADDRESS. Post your address where it can easily be seen from the highway either direction by Fire, EMS, or Lawn Enforcement responders. If your house cannot be seen from the roadway, also post the number on the house to easily identify the property location. The numbers should be reflective and 3"-4" high on a contrasting background.

This information saves time in an emergency, and also helps public utility companies find you when trouble is reported. In rural area, the 911 address is used for mail, UPS and other deliveries.

If you have any question or doubt please do not hesitate to call

Thank you for your cooperation!