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Local offices up for election in 2019

Running for Office Information - NYS Board of Elections

Designating Petition

If a party nominates its candidates through the primary election process, party designations for this primary are made on a designating petition. Only enrolled members of a party qualified to vote for an office may sign designating petitions of the party.

Nomination of Non-Party Member

Political parties may nominate a candidate who is not an enrolled member of the political party. Such parties must file a Certificate of Authorization, signed and acknowledged by the presiding officer and the secretary of the meeting at which such authorization is given.  A certificate of authorization is not needed for nominations resulting from a caucus or for a candidate for a judicial office.

A candidate nominated by a party other than their own must file a Certificate of Acceptance.

Independent Nominating Petition

To run for office on a line other than an official party line, one must file an independent nominating petition. Any registered voter who has not already signed a designating petition, and who is qualified to vote for an office, may sign an independent nominating petition for that office.

Independent candidates must file a Certificate of Acceptance.

Opportunity to Ballot Petition

Party members may also circulate petitions to create the opportunity to write in the name of an unspecified person for an office in which there is no contest for the party endorsement.

Cover Sheet

A petition containing ten (10) or more pages requires a cover sheet.

Village Offices

The Otsego County Board of Elections does not oversee village elections.  Any inquiries about elections or running for an elected village office should be directed to your Village Clerk.

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