Otsego County Board of Elections

Sample Ballots for the 2018 Federal Election

Democratic Ballot

Women's Equality Ballot



  1. Mark only with the writing instrument provided by the Board of Elections.
  2. To vote for a candidate whose name is printed on the ballot, fill in the oval completely next to the name of the candidate.


  1. To vote for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot, write or stamp their name in the space labeled “Write-In” that appears at the bottom of the column for such office.
  2. To vote Yes or No on a proposal, if any, that appears on the ballot, fill in the oval that corresponds to your vote.
  3. Any other mark or writing, or any erasures made on the ballot outside the voting ovals or blank spaces provided for voting, may void the entire ballot.
  4. Do not overvote.  You may only vote for the maximum number of candidates for each office.  The maximum number of candidates you may vote for in each office is listed at the top of the column for that office.  Casting more votes than the maximum number allowed in a contest will void your votes for that contest only.
  5. If you tear, deface or wrongly mark this ballot, return it to an election inspector and obtain another. Do not attempt to correct mistakes on the ballot by making erasures or cross-outs.  Erasures or cross-outs may invalidate all or part of your ballot.  Prior to submitting your ballot, if you make a mistake completing the ballot or wish to change your ballot choices, you may obtain and complete a new ballot.  You have a right to a replacement ballot, upon return of the original ballot. 
  6. After completing your ballot, insert it into the ballot scanner and wait for the message “BALLOT SUCCESSFULLY CAST”.  If a message other than “BALLOT SUCCESSFULLY CAST” appears, read through the screens for further instructions.
  7. Ballots are confidential.  You do not need to show your ballot to an Inspector in order for them to assist you.