Additional Trainings



In addition to the scheduled Fire, EMS and ICS Training that our office offers, we have the ability to conduct the following classes through our Homeland Security/Health & Safety Office. If your organization is interested and you have at least 10 students, please contact Bob Satriano at (607) 547-4360 or to schedule any of these trainings


ICS- 100 Intro. to the Incident Command System

ICS- 700 National Incident Management System      

ICS- 200 Basic Incident Command                                 

ICS- 100 200 Review                                                    

ICS  Forms Review and Assistance                                 

AWR- 160 Weapons of Mass Destruction                      

Weapons of Mass Destruction  EMT Recert. Version      

AWR 118 Bio Terrorism/Incident Awareness                       

Start Triage /MCI Response training                            


Emergency Preparedness/ NOAA Weather Radio                     




Blood Borne Pathogens                                                 

Right to Know                                                               

Work place Violence & Sexual harassment                     

Flagger Safety                                                                

Chain Saw Safety& Lock Out Tag Out                                        

Health and Safety