Juvenile Fire Intervention Program

What We've Learned!

From where we are now, we can see that the problem does exist here, and that it is something that can be dealt with. Although we are a rural area, the concept of fire intervention can be adapted and used in the area. Dealing with the fire play is usually the easy portion of the intervention process. Recognizing and dealing with the underlying family problems is the most difficult portion of the project. Interfacing with the other agencies, although a hard task to coordinate, can be managed so long as each agency does what it is designed for. Finally, children can be brought back into the social community and become active members of the family and community.

There are alarming facts regarding children who set fires. Many serial killers started out as child firesetters. Indeed child firesetting behavior is one of the triads of homicide. People who commit arson as grown ups, usually had a background setting fires as children. If this behavior can be altered, many of these children can be mainstreamed back into society and grow up to be productive members of our communities. This is not a dream, it is a real goal.