Emergency Services




Emergency Services

One of the major changes of the 911 implementation is Rural Numbering. In the past only those who lived in cities or villages were assigned house numbers and by knowing someone's house number and the street they lived on you could find the house quickly and easily. Rural residents usually had Rural Route (RR) type addresses. To the postal service these numbers worked well but they were intended to be used on a mail route and not quickly picking out a house or residence. To complicate things, most mailboxes were not clearly labeled so that the address could be read at night. (Mail comes during the day time , so this wasn't a big concern)

The answer to this problem was Rural Numbering, each piece of road front property is assigned a number much like the house numbers used in a village. The numbers are in sequential order so if you are 101 County Road 1 for example, its immediately known your on County Road 1 and just follow the numbers up or down till you reach 101. To further speed this up the numbers are mapped out on a computer in the dispatch center so they can see exactly where 101 is and direct emergency responders efficiently.

Some other non-emergency benefits of rural numbering is
  • Assist Public Utility (Phone, Electric, etc.) service personnel in locating premises when trouble is reported
  • Assures that all types of deliveries are made to the correct addresses
  • Assist an array of services, such as the postal service, highway department, bankers, and schools in locating houses and businesses
  • Allows you to give easier directions to visitors who may not be familiar with how to get to your premises, no more "Go till you see the Red Barn and we're the white house diagonally across the road" type directions
Updating or Changing your 911 Address Information

To update your information or add an 911 address in Otsego County please contact the Public Safety Communications Department at 1-800-409-8534.

The Following areas were not readressed and if you reside in one of these, and have a street number there is no need to call. It is suggested that you check with your telephone company to ensure they are using your street number and it is correct.

  • City of Oneonta
  • Hamlet of Worcester
  • Village of Cherry Valley
  • Village of Cooperstown
  • Village of Schenevus

For more information on 911 and Rural Numbering contact our office.