Office for the Aging

Coupons are available at both the Cooperstown and Oneonta offices.

Coupon Booklets are a $20.00 value

There is a limit of one (1) coupon booklet per household.

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Farmers Market Coupons

Farmers Market coupons are currently available.  These are available from July through September 30 and vaild from July to November .

Included with your coupon booklet is a list of the different fruits and vegetables and what months they are usually available.  A list of the farmers markets & days/times they operate is included as well.

As you may notice, income guidelines have changed who is eligible for this program.  The new guidelines are lower than those for the HEAP program.  This means that not everyone who is eligible for HEAP will be able to participate in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

For more information call: Cooperstown at 547-4232 Oneonta at 432-9041

Eligibility Guidelines

60 yrs of age or older


Income is at or below:

$1,815/mo. - 1 person home

$2,456/mo. - 2 person home

$3,098/mo. - 3 person home


Currently receiving or eligible to receive SSI,, public assistance or Section 8 housing subsidy