Natural Gas Drilling - Other General Information




 A primer on the gas well gold rush

The Marcellus Shale: An unconventional natural gas reservoir

 The Marcellus and Utica Shales: Gas Potential (a technical article)

includes a map of the Marcellus Shale - Utica Shale - Marcellus Shale

 A variety of information for land owners and municipal officials.

Otsego County Public Information Meeting

The Planning Department would like to thank the presenters at the August 6th public information meeting regarding natural gas drilling. We have attempted to answer all unanswered questions that relate to regulation of natural gas drilling. 

Click here for answers to unanswered questions from Aug 6th.

Marcellus Shale Geology and Gas Well Drilling Presentation - James Ebert, SUNY Oneonta, Earth Sciences Dept

See Also - Susquehanna River Basin Commission Presentation above

Natural Resource Defense Council

Land Facts: Drilling Down - Protecting Western Communities from the Health and Environmental Effects of Oil and Gas Production

Marcellus Shale Eduaction & Training Center

Information about workforce development and community education in regards to Marcellus shale gas

Natural Gas Impacts

Web page created by PennState college of Agricultural Sciences Cooperative Extension

Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Information in regards about Marcellus shale and hydraulic fracturing

Millennium Pipeline Company

Web Page providing a good example of pipeline operations