Short-Term Transient Rental Regulation



Tourism is arguably Otsego County's largest industry.   Approximately 500,000 people visit Otsego County each year, most seeking local accomodations.  Local property owners are renting local residences to meet the demand for accomodations.   Some local municipalities have adopted short-term transient rental regulations to manage this relatively new land use. 

 A Short-term Transient Rental is often defined as The rental or lease of any dwelling for a short period of time (typically 30 days or less) to one entity. Motels, hotels and bed & breakfasts are typically excluded from the definition of short-term transient rental.

Local municipalities regulate short-term transient rentals in one of two ways.  Some muncipalities have included the regulations in the zoning local law.  The zoning local law can specify which zoning districts allow short-term transient rentals and can require special use permits and site plan review.   Other municipalities have adopted stand-alone regulation of short-term transient rentals.

Local regulation of short-term transient rentals often puts limitations on maximum occupancy and parking (both on the street and on the property).  Signage and lighting may also be regulated.  Site plans, both interior and exterior, are commonly required.  The local regulations typically include a permit application process, as well as a procedure for permit renewal.  The application may require evidence of adequate water and sewer facilities, fire and safety inspections and descriptions of garbage, lawn and snow maintenance.  Regulations may require house rules and a property manager who can be reached by renters, neighbors, or town officials to manage issues with the property.  Regulations may also outline procedures for filing complaints and a schedule of violations and penalties. 

Sample Regulations

Town of Otsego Proposed Regulation

Town of Milford Proposed


City of Oneonta Regulation

(Zoning Regulation - Chapter 300, Article VIII, Part 46.V, Misc. Supplementary Regulation)

Village of Cooperstown Application Guideance