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Otsego County has hired Delta Engineers of Endwell, NY to develop a Multi-Jurisdictional Road Preservation Program. By County Board Resolution adopted on September 1, 2010, Delta will perform services for the county and its network of roads.

Municipalities may join the program by signing an Inter-Municipal Agreement (IMA) with the county. The links below will show the status of road preservation activities, if any, for each particular municipality. This will include actions that are part of the Multi-Jurisdictional Program, if the municipality has chosen to participate. The links will also show other municipal activities, if they exist, such as the previous adoption of road preservation local laws.

The Southern Tier East Region Planning Development Board (STE) is a partner in the county's road preservation program. STE may be able to provide data collection services on behalf of municipalities at no charge, thus reducing the cost to municipalities to retain services from Delta. See the link at the end of the page.

To this date, the following municipalities have joined the Delta Program: Town of Butternuts, Town of Cherry Valley, Town of Hartwick, Town of Maryland, Town of Middlefield, Town of Milford, Town of Morris, Town of Oneonta, Town of Otego, Town of Otsego, Town of Richfield, Town of Roseboom, Town of Springfield, Town of Unadilla, Town of Worcester, and the City of Oneonta. Separately, the County of Otsego is participating in the program.


Link to the Otsego County Map of Participating Municipalities.


The Delta Program advanced to a new stage in June 2011. Otsego County agreed to finance the cost of a Program Management service to assist the county and all participating municipalities with administration of the Delta Road Preservation Program.

The Program Manager is Melanie Chapel of Delta Engineers. Ms. Chapel will work with the principal point of contact for each municipality (and other municipal representatives) to help set up the program. Details are shown on the progress reports for each municipality at this website.


Please click here to view the Otsego County Road Use Preservation Law


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