County Planning Department




Below are just some of the resources we find invaluable in our research and in our everyday business.

Planning Resources



  • Planning Department
    • Local government officials, land use regulations, zoning maps, link to municipal websites
    • Schedule of workshops and presentations
    • Sample land use administrative forms
    • Agricultural district data, enrollment process
    • List of available publications
    • County Planning Board
    • Link to wind data maps
  • Otsego County
    • Links to all county departments
    • County Board and Committee minutes
    • Otsego County Mapping Online”
      • Search parcels; view parcels with aerials; overlay special districts
      • Flood zones and other environmental features
    • “RPS Lookup”
      • Real property data
    • “Flood Info”
      • Flood 06 data






Dept of State – Division of Local Government Services      

    • Technical publications and legal memoranda
      • includes SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review) Handbook
    • Training requirements
    • Filing local laws
    • Funding programs (examples)
      • Shared Municipal Services Incentive (SMSI) program
      • Quality Communities program

Dept of Env. Cons. (DEC) – State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)

    • DEC information on SEQR regulations, who enforces SEQR, how the DEC assists in SEQR, Type I and II Actions, Forms, etc.


  • Dept of Env. Cons. (DEC) – SEQR Publications
    • DEC publications including: the SEQR Cookbook, the Citizen's Guide to SEQR, the Local Official's Guide to SEQR, and the SEQR Flow Chart and Timeframes
  • Dept of Env. Cons. (DEC) – Environmental Bulletin
    • DEC public notices regarding projects that are in the process of obtaining state environmental permits
  • Dept of Env. Cons. (DEC) – Environmental Navigator   
    • Interactive maps of hazardous sites, mines and regulated wells, state recreation sites




  • Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP)
    • Interactive mapper of archaeological sensitive areas, state and national historic register sites




  • Dept of Agriculture and Markets
    • Agricultural Districts program benefits
    • Guidance documents for local regulation of agricultural activities
    • Funding of municipal agriculture and farmland protection plans


  • NYS GIS (Geographic Info Systems) Clearinghouse
    • GIS data
    • Aerial photos from mid-90s, 2001 and 2005
    • USGS and NYS DOT topographic maps




NRCS (Natural Resources Cons. Service)  Soil Web Survey

    • Make soil maps with information on soil type, characteristics and percentages


  • U.S. Census American Factfinder
    • Quick fact sheets on population and housing down to the municipal level


  • FEMA Flood Maps and Firmettes
    • Official FEMA flood maps available to be displayed and printed in customized fashion




  • Otsego Express (Public Transportation)
    • Otsego County’s “Gus the Bus” routes, schedules and fares



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