Workshops and Presentations

Updated 03/11/09


Training is offered for local government officials in a variety of ways.  On an annual basis, at least, the Otsego County Planning Department offers a series of presentations/workshops on planning and/or zoning topics.  Other local agencies, such as Otsego 2000 or OCCA (Otsego County Conservation Association), occasionally offer programs that may be related to the work of local government officials. 


Furthermore, state agencies such as the Department of State, Agriculture and Markets, the Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Conservation host sessions in Otsego and nearby counties, which are always open to Otsego officials.  Training is also available online through:  New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (; Pace University and Land Use Law Center (; Albany Law School, Government Law Center (; and the Lincoln Institute of Land Use Policy (www.lincolneducationonline).


Which of the training described is eligible to meet a municipality’s local training requirement?  The answer is found in the resolution adopted by the municipality’s governing board.  A sample resolution is available from the Planning Department upon request.


This location on the county’s website will list those upcoming sessions that may be of local interest.





2011 Local Government Training Workshops @ Fox Care Center in Oneonta

March 08, 2011.. see more details at the Planning Department Home Page.