Otsego County Sheriff's Office



Otsego County Sheriff Richard Devlin, Jr., Undersheriff Cameron Allison

and Sergeant Raymond Freer with Chairman Perkins after receiving

accreditation status in Albany, NY on June 14, 2012.


Otsego County Sheriff Richard J. Devlin, Jr. announces that the Otsego County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Division was granted accreditation status at a ceremony held at the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services in Albany, NY on June 14, 2012.


The Sheriff’s Office has been working towards accreditation for the past few years and on April 24, 2012 through April 26, 2012 an assessment team from the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services reviewed the status of the Sheriff’s Office Policy and Procedures, as well as their overall Law Enforcement Operations.


That assessment team verified and submitted a written report that the Sheriff’s Office was in compliance with the 133 accreditation standards and unanimously recommended that the Sheriff’s Office receive NYS Accreditation.


The accreditation process was a major undertaking and the achievement is a result of a commitment to high standards, professionalism, excellence and competence in law enforcement.


There are 542 law enforcement agencies in NYS eligible to participate, only 137 have obtained this accreditation (20%). Of the 57 counties with Sheriff’s Offices, Otsego County is one of 29 that has reached this accomplishment.


The Sheriff’s Office has also begun working towards accreditation in the Correctional Division and the Counties E-911 Center.

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