STOP-DWI Amy Stock Memorial Trailer



Amy Stock 1966- 2015

Killed by a Drunk Driver

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On July 19, 2015, Amy Stock, was killed by a drunk driver. She was an innocent victim driving home from an evening of babysitting. The man who killed her was traveling 65mph down an Albany city street when he ran a stop sign and hit Amy’s car. His blood alcohol level of .27, more than three times the legal limit.  The drunk driver was charged and convicted of aggravated vehicular homicide and will be spending 8-24 years in state prison.


Amy obtained a BS in Biomedical Computing from RIT and worked for Baxter Healthcare Corp in Chicago, IL for a number of years. However, that was not her true calling. Amy went on to earn a MA in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. At the time of her death, she was working on her PhD in Education and Curriculum Development at SUNY Albany.


Amy was a professor of Environmental Studies at SUNY Empire State College and a grant writer for Capital Roots in Troy, NY as well as a freelance writer. She made numerous contributions to the communities in which she lived. While in Olympia, WA, Amy helped to build the Olympian Zen Center, Order of Ryokan and passionately contributed to the Long Dance Women’s Retreat in the Olympia/Seattle area. In 2008, she cofounded Sustainable Saratoga along with the current mayor of Saratoga Springs, NY Joanne Yepsen. Amy was also proud to be a foster parent in Albany County. Amy’s friends and colleagues have described her as “A Powerhouse for Good.”


Amy’s book, “River Stories Healing Through Nature and Rivers” was published by her family posthumously as it was on her “to do” list for 2015. This book is a testament to the beauty of her spirit and a guide to her life’s journey.


Amy’s sister, Eileen Anania, an Otsego County resident, worked with the Otsego County Sheriff and STOP DWI to bring the demolished car to the county where she lives. In an effort to preserve the car, tell Amy’s story and educate the public on the dangers of drinking and driving the STOP DWI Amy Stock Memorial was created