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This facility offers you the opportunity to purchase certain items through a commissary store, as long as you accept your responsibility and conform to the rules and regulations governing your confinement.

1. Commissary store orders will be offered to you once a week. Inmates must have sufficient money in their accounts prior to turning in any order. Maximum food and beverage purchase is $50.00. Consult your block officer for this information.

2. Commissary items and their prices are posted in each Housing Unit. Every Tuesday by 2300 hrs. orders will be handed to the Block Officer. Commissary will be handed out Thursday at 1500 hrs.

3. Inmates must sign commissary sheet prior to any order authorizing the Otsego County Correctional Facility to make purchased with money held in their accounts. Failure to sign will result in loss of commissary for that day.

4. Money transfers from one inmate to another is not allowed.

5. Upon release a check will be made payable to the inmate. If less than $1.00 you will be given cash.

6. No check will be drawn from you account to pay personal bills.

7. On admission you will be given certain personal hygiene items. (i.e. soap, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush)

8. Indigent inmates will be given above hygiene items as needed.

9. You will throw garbage in the wastebaskets, not flush it down the toilet.

10. Commissary will be unwrapped by the inmate when received.

The commissary store is a privilege. Proper use of commissary items and disposal of such should be important to each individual inmate. Any violations or non-conformity with basic rules could result in loss of commissary.

Such as - Gambling with items.
Excessive storage of commissary items.
Excessive garbage in cell area or housing unit floor.