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1. All mail coming into the facility will have all stamps and labels removed.

2. All incoming mail will be taken out of the envelope and checked for contraband, except legal mail.

3. All mail will be picked up once daily between the hours of 2200 hrs and 2300 hrs and forwarded to the United States Postal Service.

4. All incoming and outgoing mail and packages will have:

     a. Inmate's full name and address on envelope or package.

     b. All incoming mail and packages will have sender's full name and address.

5. All packages will be opened and inspected at booking area, with exception of privileged mail, which will be opened and inspected in the presence of the inmate.

6. Any mail or package without sender’s full name and address will not be given to inmate. It will be put in inmate’s personal property locker until he or she is released

7. Indigent inmates will be given 2 stamped envelopes and 4 sheets of paper per week.

8. Privileged correspondence as defined in Minimum Standards 7004.3(a).

9. Any contraband found will be logged and a copy given to the inmate and a copy for inmates file. Contraband that is a crime will be given to Road Patrol for charges. Contraband that isn’t a crime will be put in inmate’s property locker.

10. No inmate-to-inmate correspondence within the facility or to and from another correctional facility.