Career Opportunities

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Career Opportunities


The OCSO operates the Otsego County Jail. The highly trained staff of the Correctional Division supervise the daily activities of the diverse inmate population. Innovative programs such as work details, educational and religious counseling and commissary are all provided to inmates.


Law Enforcement

The OCSO presence in your community is, by itself, a major deterrent to crime. Frequent patrols, whether it be road patrols, navigational patrols conducting routine building checks, or specialized programs like STOP-DWI, provide a visible and meaningful sense of well-being in the county and make would-be offenders think twice before breaking the law. When a crime does take place, the extensive training given to employees allow the full weight of the law to be brought upon the offenders. 




Deputy Sheriff

Correctional Officer Full Time

Correctional Officer Part Time

For more information on career in the Otsego County Sheriff's Office contact:

Otsego County Personnel Office

197 Main Street

Cooperstown, New York 13326

(607) 547-4239