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The Marine and Recreational Vehicle Division (MRVD) of the Otsego County Sheriff's Office acts as a supplement to the regular patrol function.  Various components of the MRVD are; marine, snowmobile and ATV patrols.


The MRVD is staffed by  members of the OCSO, these staff members are supervised by a Sergeant.


The MRVD operates on a regular basis from June to September, with priority given to the regulation of marine traffic and safety on Canadarago, Goodyear and Otsego Lakes. 


During the winter months the members of the MRVD respond to complaints involving snowmobiles and investigate and/or assist in members of the MRVD may be patrolling on All Terrain Vehicles.  These vehicles are used for many purposes, such as assisting in search and rescue operations, investigating hunting complaints and regulating the activities of ATV traffic.


New Sheriff's Boat MARINE 3 2008 from NYS Parks and Rec


New Sheriff's Boat MARINE 1 2009 from NYS Parks and Rec

Sheriff's Office Drills with the Milford Fire Department 08-17-09


Snowmobile Enforcement Patrol 2013-2014 season


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