Sheriff's Office Photographs

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              Old Sheriff's Office Main Street Entrance Cooperstown                                                                   Old Sheriff's Office and Jail

             New Sheriff's Office Building Dedication  August 25, 1991                                                                       1980's Patrol Vehicle


                                                                                                                                                     1990's Patrol Vehicle

                             Early 2000 Patrol Vehicle                                                                                  Late 2000 Patrol Vehicle

     The gallows have been constructed outside the Otsego County Sheriff’s Office for the hanging of Myron Buel on November 14, 1876.

                    At the time such events were invitation only and were very desirable and often reserved for the “elite” citizens of the county.

                                                                                             Group Photo 2008

      6x4 Donation by Iver Lindberg                                                Promotion Photo 2007

                                      Stinger Training                                                         Certificate of Appreciation to Iver Lindberg

                     Police Academy Graduation 2008                                            Morris Fair County Parade 2008

                                Range 2008                                                       

         Murder Investigation Chenango County 2007        Frank Brodie Certficate of Appreciation for Sheriff's Camp Donations

                              New Boat Delivered 2008                                           Medical Coaches modifies ATV for Medical Responce DONATION

                                                  Sgt. Ray Freer and Deputy Ron Johnston at Snowmobile School 2007

                                          Stinger Training                                                      Assemblyman Peter Lopez and Bill MaGee dedicate the

                                                                                                                                                             Offender Watch Program.

                                                     The BUDWEISER CLYDESDALES visit Cooperstown, N.Y. in 2007

                            BUNY Roadcheck T/Richfield                                                                               K-9 Marty on Eradication Detail

              Deputy Stan Cade and his K-9 Marty after a drug find.                Otsego Officers take the oath of office from Judge Michael Coccoma

                                                                                                                                                            transferring to the NYS Courts system.

                                                                                             Holiday Traffic Safety Checkpoint 2007.

                               Police Academy Graduation 2009                                                    Traffic Safety Checkpoint NYS Rte 80 T/Otsego 2008


Evidence Gathering at a Crime Scene Town of Worcester                                                                           SEB TEAM 2009

                        Hazardous Materials Incident 2009                                                        Deputy's training in the Project Lifesaver Program

                                 Sheriff's Office assisting the Village of Cooperstown Police Department at a shooting incident 2010.

                             Marijuana Erradication 2010                                                                             Range Training

                                    Floods of 2011                                                        Medical Coaches delivers new retrofited K-9 Unit DONATION

       New Memorial 2011 purchaed by the Deputy Sheriff's and Correctional Officer Unions honoring or K-9 Partners and officers.

Applebees Restaurant Recognizes the Sheriff's Office in Oneonta           Car Seat Safety Check Detail

                                                                                       Group Photo 2012

                      Deputy Sheriff John Imperato                                                     Baseball Hall of Fame Detail

         Baseball Hall of Fame Legends game detail                                                      Inmate work detail

                                  Deputy Sheldon and Ricky searching for a missing child in the Village of Cooperstown

                                                                                    Scouts tour the Sheriff's Office

          STOP-DWI and Safe Child Display SADD Run                              Kids leaving for Sheriff's Summer camp 2013

                     Snowmobile accident investgation                                                     Snowmobile Enforcement Patrol 2014

 Sheriff Devlin, Chaplain Fournier and Undersheriff Allison at                Another group of scouts tour the Sheriff's Office

 Session 17 Otsego County Police Academy Graduation 2014