Otsego County Sheriff's Office






The Otsego County Sheriff’s Office utilizes the Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) for any high-risk situations that may arise out of Sheriff’s Office duties.  The team is dedicated to safety ending critical incidents and difficult situations, by using specialized tactics, training and equipment. 


The Special Enforcement Bureau is comprised of deputies who have successfully completed recommendation, selection, physical assessments and the Basic Operators Course.  Team members receive mandatory monthly instruction and continuous and on-going training in order to maintain their skills and knowledge.  Personnel assigned to SEB have other full-time assignments within the office and are on-call 24 hours a day.  SEB Operators are selected from volunteers within the Sheriff’s Office and have to serve a minimum tenure before being able to apply for SEB duties.  The tenure requirement makes sure that the deputy has a thorough knowledge of New York State Laws and office polices and procedures. 


The SEB is a valuable office resource as they are prepared to control specific situations which, by nature, would be considered excessively dangerous and complex, or which would require the use of a specialized team rather than the independent actions of an individual deputy.