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Safe Child Detail Request Form (PDF)    Used to set up a detail

Safe Child ID Card Release Form (PDF)   Parental Permission

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          First Safe Child Detail 2007

           Home Depot Oneonta, NY


The Otsego County Sheriff's Office now has the Operation Safe Child ID System. This program is coordinated and made available through the NYS Sheriff's Association. The system uses inkless digital fingerprinting and digital photography that is linked through a computer program producing an ID card for the parents and guardians to retain. The entire process takes about two minutes. The service is available at the Sheriff's Office and at events throughout Otsego County.

The card contains: The child's name Biographical information: (date of birth, gender, height,weight, hair color, eye color, etc.)  Fingerprint image of both index fingers.

                          Operation Safe Child ID


The goal of this program is to record and store the fingerprints, basic biographical data and photographs of children who are not missing. The information on the Safe Child ID card is critical in expediting the return of a missing child.

The program is completely voluntary. The storage of information in the separate and secure database is an option that a parent or guardian may choose. In the event that a child is reported missing personnel can relay the important information without delay to initiate an amber alert.

Operation Safe Child is a welcome addition to the many public safety programs at the Otsego County Sheriff's Office. We will make this very worthwhile Id system available as often as possible to protect Otsego County's greatest resource…our children.


                                             Otsego County Fair Morris, Safe Child Event