Deputy Stan Cade and his K-9 Partner MARTY




Deputy Cade and Marty 2002

  K-9 Graduation

Deputy Cade and Marty



Dates of Service: 2002 - 2011

Excerpts from words spoken by Chaplain Fournier at Marty’s memorial service.     


Marty served the residents of Otsego County for 9 years.


Deputy Stan Cade first met Marty in early June 2002.  Stan received Marty from the New York State Police. It was the beginning of a 9 year bond that Stan and Marty would share.


 Marty was just a young pup at 11 months old.  While most of his dog mates were a bit older then him at the Academy, Marty did well. Following graduation Marty began his service as the K-9 unit at the Otsego County Sheriff’s office.


In speaking with Stan about Marty, Stan shared how Marty could always sense when action was coming.  Whether it was the speed of his car, the inflection in Stan’s voice, whatever the case may have been, Marty’s excitement grew when he knew he would be used to do what he was trained to do. 


Stan also shared with how Marty always gave him a sense of comfort and assurance knowing that Marty had his back or front as case may be.  Marty was always ready to do what needed to be done to protect not only his master, but also any other man or woman in uniform. 


Stan also remarked how it was not until Marty was gone that he realized how much he trusted in Marty.  It was until Marty was no longer at his side that we realized how much comfort and assurance Marty had given Stan in performing his duties as a Deputy.


While Marty played a part in apprehending many bad guys, one of his most well known adventures was when he was used to bring home safely two three years olds who had wandered into the woods.  It was back in April of 2005, that two 3 years olds roamed into the woods on a farm on Rte 28 in Milford.  A search for the two children proved unsuccessful, that was until Stan and Marty arrived on the sense.  Marty tracked the children and they were brought home safely to their families.  As a father and grandfather, I can say with certainty that even today, those families look at Marty as a hero. 


I asked Stan to describe Marty for me.  After all, Marty and he had spent the majority of nine years together, 24-7, 365 days a year.   To Stan, Marty was not just an animal, he was not just a dog.  These are some of the words Stan used to describe Marty.


Marty was a partner. Marty was there when the adrenalin was pumping.  When the chase was on as it were.  Marty was also there during the slow days, when not much was going on.  Marty was Stan’s partner, through it all.


Marty was a family member.  Marty was part of the Cade family.  He was a family member to Stan’s wife and children.   Stand did not just leave Marty somewhere and pick him up to go to work the next morning.  Marty was considered part of the Cade family. 


Marty was loyal. I like the way Webster’s dictionary defines loyal. I think Stan would agree with this definition in describing Marty.  Webster’s defines loyal as, “unswerving in allegiance”.  I believe that is good way of describing Marty’s attitude toward Stan, his family, and this Office,  “unswerving in allegiance”. 


Stan also described Marty as his best friend.  I think I will just leave that description at that for I can’t add to it.