OCTOBER 1 - The tentative Solid Waste User Fee Roll is completed by and filed in the County Solid Waste Department

OCTOBER 8 (On or about)- Notice of filing is published in the County's official newspapers

7 DAYS FROM FILING OF TENTATIVE ROLL - A notice is mailed to each owner for which a change in units has been made

OCTOBER 31 (On or about)- Deadline for individuals to submit an appeal

NOVEMBER 7 - The Solid Waste Coordinator will review all submitted complaints and prepares a findings in writing with information to proceed with a further    appeal (if necessary) indicating the scheduled date, time and location the appeals board will meet

NOVEMBER 15 (on or before) - Property owners must file appeal to Appeals Board review

NOVEMBER 30 (on or before) - The Appeals Board must meet

DECEMBER 1 (on or before) - The final solid waste user fee roll is completed and filed in the Solid Waste Office

JANUARY 1 - Fees shall be due January 1 and payable without interest or penalties by January 31 of each year. Payments will appear on the County tax bill and shalll be paid to the local tax collector of each municipality.