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Candidates and Proposals

Candidates for the November 3rd, 2020  General Election

President/Vice President of the United States
Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris (DEM, WOR)
Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence (REP, CON)
Howie Hawkins/Angela Nicole Walker (GRE)
Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Cohen (LBN)
Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard (IND)

Supreme Court Justice (6th District) (Vote for TWO)
Elizabeth A. Garry (DEM, IND)
Brian D. Burns (REP)

Representative in Congress (19th District)
Antonio Delgado (DEM, WOR, SAM)
Kyle Van De Water (REP)
Steven Greenfield (GRE)
Victoria N. Alexander (LBN)

State Senator (51st District)
Jim Barber (DEM)
Peter Oberacker (REP, CON, IND)

Member of Assembly (101st District)
Chad J. McEvoy (DEM, WOR)
Brian D. Miller (REP, CON, IND)
Barbara A. Kidney (GRE)

Member of Assembly (102nd District)
Betsy Kraat (DEM)
Christopher Tague (REP, CON, IND)

Member of Assembly (121st District)
Dan Buttermann (DEM)
John J. Salka (REP, CON, IND)
Corey J. Mosher (WOR)
Jake Cornell (LBN)

Member of Assembly (122nd District)
Richard O. Shaw (DEM)
Joe G. Angelino (REP, CON, IND)

Otsego County Court Judge
Michael F. Getman (REP, CON)

Cherry Valley Justice
no candidates

Exeter Councilman (Unexpired Term)
no candidates

Hartwick Town Justice
Glenn G. Schilling (JFA)

Middlefield Supervisor (Unexpired Term)
Joseph S. Harris (DEM, MLE)

Milford Councilman (Unexpired Term)
no candidates

Morris Town Justice
Peter J. McCann (UNI)

New Lisbon Councilman (Unexpired Term)
Brian Ryther (DEM)

Pittsfield Councilman (3YR Unexpired Term)
no candidates
Pittsfield Councilman (1YR Unexpired Term)
no candidates

Plainfield Town Justice
David Paull Trevvett (JFO )

Rosebooom Councilman (Unexpired Term)
no candidates
Roseboom Superintendent of Highways (Unexpired Term)
Daniel R. Gage (SUS)

Unadilla Councilman (Unexpired Term)
Jessica Grow (REP)