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Candidates for the June 22, 2021 Primary

Otsego County Representative, District 3 (Laurens, Otego)
Caitlin Ogden
Jared Nepa


Town of Hartwick
Bryan F. LoRusso
Robert  J. O'Brien
Councilman (Vote for Two)
Christopher Briggs
Jonathan Horth
Cindy Carr
Bruce Markusen
Superintendent of Highways
Frederick Koffer
Jerry Wood
Member of County Committee, Hartwick 1 (Vote for Two)
Robert J. O'Brien
Frederick Koffer
Christopher Briggs

Town of Laurens
Member of County Committee, Laurens 1 (Vote for Two)
Traci Dilello
Debra Balantic
Phil Balantic
Member of County Committee, Laurens 2 (Vote for Two)
Patricia Brockway
Michelle Buccheri
Jonathan S Chambers

Town of Maryland
Councilman (Vote for Two)
Renee Gaston
Jason Knapp
Ken Williams
Member of County Committee, Maryland 1 (Vote for Two)
Kyle Imperato
Jennifer Mickle
Ken Williams

Town of Milford
Town Justice (Vote for Two)
Matthew Kane
Deborah A. McMullen
Joanne Andela

Town of Oneonta
Randal Mowers
Teresa DeSantis

Town of Otego
Patricia Hurlburt
Terri L. Horan
Councilman (Vote for Two)
Jimmy Hamm II
Vicki Salisbury-Hoyle
Royce Livingston
Member of County Committee, Otego 2 (Vote for Two)
James Salisbury
Bob Fernandez
Arlene Salisbury

Town of Richfield
Dan Sullivan
Nick Palevsky
Councilman (Vote for Two)
Larry Frigault
Rex A. Seamon
Isaac Ames
Superintendent of Highways
Tim Proctor
Randy Seamon

Town of Springfield
Superintendent of Highways
Jeff Brown
Tim Fish

Town of Unadilla
Town Clerk
Terry L. Yoder
Kelly A. Moore
Councilman (Unexpired Term)
Allen Anderson
Lawrence Oralls
Member of County Committee, Unadilla 1 (Vote for 2)
Polly Judd
Garrett deBlieck
Kirsten Ruling
Member of County Committee, Unadilla 2 (Vote for 2)
Jessica Grow
Allen Anderson
Donald Cole