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Department of Motor Vehicles


Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) - Cooperstown Location  607-547-4281

  • By appointment only - Otsego County Residents ONLY
    • STEP #1: Visit https://www.picktime.com/otsegocountydmv to schedule an appointment at the Cooperstown DMV
    • STEP #2: Visit NYS DMV website where the site will walk you through your transaction and inform you of what documents you will need when you come to your appointment at the Cooperstown DMV
    • STEP #3: Come to your scheduled appointment to process your transaction.
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) - Oneonta Location
 *****UPDATE - JANUARY 28, 2021*****
Beginning Monday, February 1, 2021 Otsego County DMV will be resuming the processing of Real ID's & Enhanced Licenses.
Please visit NYS DMV or call us at 547-4281 to ensure you have all the documents you need for processing at your appointment!

For information regarding learner's permit & motorcycle permits please call the office.

Please visit the following  link to the NYS DMV website which states that NO DMV office can accept in person transactions until Phase III.

Also please visit


We ask that you call the DMV Office at 607-547-4281 for your questions. Thank you for your understanding!

Our DMV Office is staffed with very knowledgable employees. They are current & up to date on the laws & procedures that Albany has set in place.
Our office strives to provide you with the best customer service possible as well as ensuring you have all the necessary paperwork to process your transaction.
Stop in our office today to process your transaction and keep that money within Otsego County. When you complete your transaction online all of that funding goes right to New York State.


NYS offers three types of Licenses, Permits, Non-Drivers ID

  • Standard, Real ID AND Enhanced

For more information: