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Early Intervention Program

All Children Are Special…
 Some Have Special Needs
 Early Help Makes A Difference!

 Although children learn and develop differently and these differences usually even out, some children do fall behind.  Concerns may be in one or more of the following areas:

  • Physical development – including hearing and vision;
  • Learning or cognitive development;
  • Speech and language development- communication;
  • Social or emotional development; and
  • Self-help skills.

What children need early help?

During the first years of life, children learn about the world by looking, touching, tasting, hearing, and making sounds.  They learn more in the first three years than at any other period in their lives.  Even though no two children are the same, they still learn to do many things in the same order and around the same time.

 Any child from birth through the age of two years with a developmental delay, disability or condition which affects development may need early help.