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Clerk of the Board

The Clerk of the Board assists the county legislature in carrying out all of its functions.  The Clerk of the Board provides specialized knowledge to a group that can devote only part of its time to county business which includes being the liaison between the Board of Representatives and County departments as well as the public and outside agencies.  Activities include planning, programming, communication, delegation coordination, scheduling, preparing meeting agendas, research, and advertisement.  In addition, we maintain files for county-related business, ensure that required filings and procedures are being adhered to, and apportion various budgets and special taxes. The Clerk of the Board/County Auditor is also the Records Management Officer, Records Access Officer and oversees Central Telephone and Central Mail.

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Clerk of the Board
197 Main Street
Cooperstown, NY 13326-1129
Phone: 607.547.4202
FAX: 607.547.4260

Clerk of the Board/County Auditor
Carol McGovern

E-mail: mcgovernc@otsegocounty.com

Deputy Clerk of the Board/County Auditor
Jocelyn Harris
E-Mail: harrisj@otsegocounty.com