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Code Enforcement

The Otsego County Code Enforcement Office is responsible for administration and enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Construction Code (Uniform Code) and the New York State Energy Conservation Code (Energy Code). 

The Otsego County Code Enforcement Office does not have jurisdiction for properties that are located in the following municipalities:

Town of Milford
 Barbara Monroe @ 607-286-9314
City of Oneonta
 Stephen Yerly @ 607-433-3435
Town of Oneonta
 Paul Neske @ 607-432-8606
Town of Otego
Daniel Wilber @ 607-435-8721
 Village of Otego
 Joseph Fairgrieve @ 607-434-1676
Town of Roseboom
Lloyd Stannard @ 518-231-7779
Town of Worcester
Barbara Monroe @ 607-267-7687

 In addition to the NYS Uniform Code and Energy Code, permits may also be required from a local official with your Town, Village, or City for local regulations such as zoning, special permits or variances. Consult with your local municipal clerk for further information. The Otsego County Code Enforcement Office will NOT issue its permits until it understands that any required local permits are in place. In other words, a permit from the County may not be the only permit you may need.

Please note-

  • All permit applications involve plan review.
  • Permits are generally issued within 7 -10 business days after your application is deemed complete.