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Posting your 911 Number


By now you have probably seen the reflective 911 home address signs on many of your neighbor's mailbox posts.

Made of the same tough materials as road signs these home address signs are so reflective in the dark that Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement Personnel don't have to struggle to read your address at night.

Installing your reflective 911 Address Sign


  • Locate your 911 address sign on your side of the road in your yard.
  • Mount it high enough to avoid snow in winter and weeds in summer.
  • Make sure that it's visible from both directions.
  • Keep branches bushes from blocking it.


  • Locate so close to the road that the snow plow will hit it or cover it with snow.
  • Mount it on your mailbox if it's grouped with other mailboxes.
  • Locate it so high that it's out of site.
  • Locate it in a position where it obscured by grass, weed, bushes, etc.

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