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One of the most common factors in an emergency can be the weather. Everything from a Snowstorm to Flooding to High Winds that down power wires can create an emergency. Because of this the Office of Emergency Services is always keeping track of the weather to be prepared for the worst

One of the main sources that we use is National Weather Service forecasts that are availble to the public. Using their forecasts and keeping contact with the local weather service offices we can be prepared for severe weather that might affect Otsego County.

We also feed information to the National Weather Service, all throughout the county there are automated rain gauges and observers who monitor a rain gauge or measure snow fall amount and report into the Weather Service. Fire Departments and Amateur Radio operators act as Skywarn observers. Through two-way radio or telephone reports, these observers update the weather service on what the conditions are like in areas that are unable to be seen on the weather radar.

There are some things you can do to be prepared for severe weather. If you have a scanner listen to 162.450 that's the National Weather Service in Cooperstown. There are also many internet sites that carry Weather forecasts and radar images.

Once you have the forecast information, you need to prepare yourself for the severe weather.
Some important sites for weather information:


Otsego County Rain Gauge and River Data

 National Weather Service - Watches & Warnings

Keep your local emergency numbers handy and stay tuned to local radio and television stations for updates.