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Children with Special Needs

The Early Intervention Program is responsible for identifying, locating and tracking infants and toddlers, birth through two years of age who are considered at-risk for a developmental delay.
Early Intervention also ensures that a multi-disciplinary evaluation is provided to children with a suspected or confirmed delay.
Eligible children and their families receive services based on an individualized family service plan unique to each child’s developmental needs.
Services are facilitated by a service coordinator provided at no cost to the family.
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Preschool Special Education Program

Otsego County is fiscally responsible for providing services to preschool children with disabilities ages 3-5 years.

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Evaluation and Education Services

Approved New York State Department of Health and New York State Education Department evaluator and service provider for special education (children birth through 5 years of age).

Further Information
Contact the Division for Children with Special Needs at (607) 547-6474.

Early Intervention Program

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  • Children with Special Needs