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Lead Program

LEAD may be hiding near YOU! Take a peek to know what to DO!

PEEK around your home: Do you live in a home with peeling or chipping paint built before 1978? Do you live near a busy or dirt road? Do you bring lead dust into your home from your work or hobby? Do you have contact with products, toys, or jewelry with lead? 

IF YES, then here’s what to do: Repair peeling paint, keep pregnant women and children away from home repairs.

Be aware of lead hazards hiding on work clothes, shoes , no items at home that may be potential lead hazards to children. Wash children’s hands before meals and after play, wash toys at least weekly, and mop floors and wet dust windowsills weekly. Run tap water for one minute before use.

Or call our office at 607-547-4230
Deputy Director
Susanne Smith
Email: smiths@otsegocounty.com

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