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If there is a training or program that you would like to know more about, please reach out to Long Term Care Coordinator,  Alicia Chase at nyconnects@otsegocounty.com or by phone at 607-547-4255

1. Recognizing and Coping with Caregiver Stress- https://youtu.be/28CREmuh5zA

2. 10 Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease -

3. SCAMS and Financial Exploitation -

4. Falls Prevention -

5. Office for the Aging and NY Connects Programs and Services -

6. Medicare 101 -

7. Cooperstown Senior Community Center-

8. Funeral Pre-Planning -

9. Five Wishes- Health Care Proxy and more!

10. Cancer Services Program- "Get the Facts on Colorectal Cancer"

11. Palliative Care - How can it benefit you or a loved one?

12. ICAN (with Action for Older Person's) understanding and getting help with Managed Long Term Care Medicaid Plans. Knowing your rights, appeals and more. ** Presentation was unable to be recorded for regulation reasons. ** Please reach out to them at (607) 722-1251 **
Flyer about ICANFlyer about ICAN

13. Storykeeper Program - 

14. Weatherization Program
15. Estate Planning - https://youtu.be/bbHMlaOYjJI 

16. It's all about the presence - https://youtu.be/3CZSte6NWFU 

17. Veteran Services- https://youtu.be/0YxCSaizOgo

18. EPIC -- we were unable to record the presentation due to state regulations, however, you can find information and the application here. https://www.health.ny.gov/.../epic/application_contact.htm

19. SCAMS presentation by the NYS Attorney General Office- https://youtu.be/6LAVcUGhTDc

20. Bassett Health Navigation - Care Coordination; https://youtu.be/3XXKYtkj7OY

21. Association for Vision Rehabilitation & Employment (AVRE) - https://youtu.be/uAW_MNsGI74

22. Single Point of Access (SPOA) - https://youtu.be/XMHsxPC2rgg

23. Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) - https://youtu.be/fK63XieQLik

24. Family Resource Network- https://youtu.be/Db5lD5lVAYA

25. Catskill Center for Independence - https://youtu.be/lZiTazskUHM

26. Chestnut Park Nursing and Rehab, Admissions Process- https://youtu.be/_8UCJAv_3S0

27. The Wonders of Hospice- https://youtu.be/tquc6LQIfx4

28. Cornerstone Mobile Counseling-
29. STIC, Facilitated Enroller- https://youtu.be/zGUUWHvFWtM

30. NYSEG programs and Consumer Advocate Role - https://youtu.be/3FXKS6FsnSQ

31. Legal Aid Society of Mid NY, Healthcare Proxy and Power of Attorney - https://youtu.be/1z1IGwf03OA

32. Aging Life Services program, Catholic Charities - https://youtu.be/t3YumK1UdJ0

33. Neighborhood Center, Otsego County Guardianship Assistance   https://youtu.be/PEXcKn4oQw0

34. Legal Aid Society https://youtu.be/_Jp_Dj_rgwk

35. Rehabilitation Support Services, In Home Stabilization Program   https://youtu.be/W772ZQ_t-Io

36. Prime Care Coordination, OPWDD Care Coordination Organization (1 of 3 in Otsego County) https://youtu.be/GnUBrDBShDY

37. Opportunities for Otsego Head Start Programs  https://youtu.be/FjClfbIkSFI