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Municipal Information

**To update any information below, email planning@otsegocounty.com**

Click on the following links to find information on a particular municipality:

All information shown is subject to change without notice. Please check with local clerk to verify information.

Click here to view a matrix of local regulations/plans for all municipalities

Town of Burlington

Town of Butternuts

Town of Cherry Valley

Town of Decatur

Town of Edmeston

Town of Exeter

Town of Hartwick

Town of Laurens

Town of Maryland

Town of Middlefield

Town of Milford

Town of Morris

Town of New Lisbon

Town of Oneonta

Town of Otego

Town of Otsego

Town of Pittsfield

Town of Plainfield

Town of Richfield

Town of Roseboom

Town of Springfield

Town of Unadilla

Town of Westford

Town of Worcester

Village of Cherry Valley

Village of Cooperstown

Village of Gilbertsville

Village of Laurens

Village of Milford

Village of Morris

Village of Otego

Village of Richfield Springs

Village of Unadilla

City of Oneonta