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Agricultural District - Annual 30 day Open Enrollment

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Property Owners Can Petition to Join Agricultural Districts

Otsego County's annual 30 Day Open Enrollment Period to join an agricultural district takes place during the month of January. Individuals in Otsego County who wish to join an agricultural district must submit a letter of request to the county between January 1st  - January 30th. 

Requests must be submitted in writing and include the property owner's name, mailing address, telephone number, town, and tax parcel numbers.  The request must also an explanation why the property should be included in the agricultural district.  Properties to be added to the district should be predominately “viable agricultural land”.

From the NYS Agriculture and Markets Law, “viable agricultural land" means land highly suitable for agricultural production and which will continue to be economically feasible for such use if real property taxes, farm use restrictions, and speculative activities are limited to levels approximating those in commercial agricultural areas not influenced by the proximity of nonagricultural development.”

Individual petitions will be reviewed by the County’s Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board. The Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board will make recommendations to the County legislature on each petition. The County legislature will hold a public hearing and then vote on the approval of the recommended petitions. Subsequent to county approval, an updated district map with a report showing the new parcels for inclusion will be submitted to the State Department of Agriculture And Markets for state approval. Upon approval by Agriculture and Markets, the property owner will be notified by mail and the real property tax records for those parcel will be updated. Petitioners will receive notification sometime in late summer, early fall.

Enrollment is currently closed.