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Susquehanna Greenway - Silas Lane, Oneonta NY

Susquehanna Greenway Trail Profile:

  • Trail Elevation: 1066 ft.
  • Maximum Elevation: 1073 ft.
  • Minimum Elevation: 1040 ft.
  • Cumulative Elevation Change: 33 ft.

Susquehanna Greenway Trail Surface:

Natural; grass and occasional roots.  Most users will find these trails to be relatively easy due to the

limited changes in elevation. 

Directions to Susquehanna Greenway - Silas Lane Trailhead
-75.1062941455, 42.43500000000, 
-75.1041336753, 42.43870000000

Exit I 88 at exit #15 and go south. Silas Lane is on the right, prior to crossing over the Susquehanna River. There are two kiosks and parking areas for the trail.

The first parking area and kiosk is on the right, just after the City Garage.  Trail access is available where the trail is parallel to I 88.

The second parking area and kiosk is at the end of Silas Lane. Turn left at the soccer fields - the kiosk and the trailhead are at the left corner of the parking lot. Follow the edge of the field to the main trail as it travels parallel to the Susquehanna River.

Please review the Susquehanna Greenway - Silas Lane Rules & Etiquette before your ride!