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Probation Department

In a 1013 square mile, mostly-rural county of about 62,000 people, we have a dedicated staff of eight probation officers,between the criminal and Family Court. We serve all of the town and village courts of the county including Oneonta City Court, Otsego County Court and Otsego County Family Court. We provide supervision and accountablility for the Otsego County's Treatment Court and Otsego County Family Treatment Court.

We have two field offices in Oneonta, and we often meet with probationers at other locations, such as their homes, their employment and treatment locations.

It is our mission to serve as a member of the criminal justice community in the promotion of public safety while at the same time address the probationers' needs and issues. It is our goal to make this population law-abiding and productive members of society.

We provide the following:

  • Supervision of probationers and hold them accountable for their illegal behaviors.
  • Conduct court-ordered presentence, pre-plea and predispositional reports.
  • Conduct adoption home studies.
  • Provide intake services for the Family Court in juvenile delinquent and PINS cases, and, when appropriate, adjust those cases. All options will be explored before ANY court access is granted.
  • Provide restitution and victim reparation services.
  • Attend trainings on newest techniques and mandates as required by the Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA)
  • Provide an opportunity for victims to voice their concerns through Victim Impact Statements.