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Food Waste - Composting

Interested in composting your food waste??? Click on the links below to learn how.

A guide on composting in your own backyard:
Easy Home Composting

Don't have time or space to compost at home? Here is information about our county-wide compost program:
Composting in Otsego County
A Guide to Food Scrap Collection

Interested in buying a backyard compost bin or rain barrel?
Orders must be placed online by April 26, 2020.  Distribution is May 2, 2020.
Rain barrel/Compost bin flyer

interested in purchasing bins to help you collect food waste at home?
Food waste bins flyer
Bins can be purchased at these locations: 
  • Otsego County Meadows Office Complex
  • Oneonta Town Hall
  • Hartwick Town Hall
  • Oneonta Transfer Station
  • Cooperstown (Northern) Transfer Station
  • Richfield Food co-op