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General References: Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR) of New York State, sections 8011, 8012, 8013 & 8014; County Law, sections 406, 407 & 650; Public Officers Law, sections 67, 70 & 205.


All fees & mileage are payable in advance and are per party to be served. Unless otherwise noted, add mileage. You must send the proper type and quantity of process indicated, with the correct fees and mileage, with a letter of instruction in order for the papers to be processed. Omissions, errors, illegibility, untimeliness, etc., will prevent your papers from being docketed with our office. Full and complete addresses including zip codes are required. Acceptable forms of payment include attorney check or money order. For all mandates, e.g., executions, evictions & court orders involving enforcement activity, at least one original with a handwritten ink signature must be delivered to us (CPLR Art.52, generally; NYCRR 130-1; etc.). Documents with the court's raised seal are acceptable. Generally, where copies are required, such as for income and property executions, photocopies are sufficient; the filing party must determine whether clerk or attorney certified copies are required in other cases. The Sheriff's Office does not supply legal forms, nor can we complete them. Some courts may supply forms while some do not. There are several suppliers or publishers of legal forms and you should consult the various telephone directories.

  • Attachment Civil Arrest Eviction
  • Family Court Process Income Execution Order of Seizure
  • Order to Show Cause Property Execution Subpoena
  • Summons Sheriff's Sale

 Fees are based on type of item to be served and mileage is based on the location the item is to be served at – refer to the Fees and Mileage Chart.


1.  Do payments have to be made to the sheriff pursuant to an income execution?

2.  What if the judgment debtor is already paying on a previous income execution?

3.  What if the judgment debtor is paying on a support or maintenance order?

4.  Are there maximum or minimum amounts to be paid?

5.  What does "disposable" earnings mean?

6.  When are payments to be made?

7.  Employers:

8.  What forms of payment or acceptable & where should they be sent?

9.  Changes or questions relative to an account?

10.  Our remittance schedule.

11.  What fees or charges are added onto a money judgment?

12.  Satisfactions & Settlements.

What is a Sheriff's Sale?

When are Sheriff's Sales Conducted?

Where are Sheriff's Sales Conducted?

Who can bid at a Sheriff's Sale?

What is the sale format?

What are the Terms of Sale?

What exactly is the high bidder purchasing?

What Documents will the purchaser receive from the Sheriff?

How does one find out if & when a sale is scheduled?