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Landfill Oversight Committee

On April 30, 2014, the Montgomery-Otsego-Schoharie- Solid Waste Authority (MOSA) was dissolved. In response to the resolution and responsibilities of the three counties to monitor and maintain the three original landfills that transferred to MOSA and now to the Counties, the Counties established an Inter-municipal Agreement (IMA) for the management of the landfills.

The Counties collectively are responsible for the post closure care and maintenance of the Eastern Landfill on Antlers Road in the Village of Fort Johnson, Montgomery County; Central Landfill located along Route5S in the Town of Root, Montgomery County and the C&D Landfill located on Route 28 and 80 in the Town of Otsego, Otsego County. All three counties agreed to provide for the care and maintenance of the landfills in accordance with NYSDEC regulations.

Each County designated two individuals to serve as a member of an Oversight Panel, which serves as a liaison body to inform the governing bodies of the Counties of the activities of the Landfill Manager, and to review the nature of the work performed by the Manager and the costs and expenses of the services performed. The Oversight Panel shall meet as needed, at least quarterly. The Oversight Panel shall review the expenses incurred by the Manager and recommend to the Counties the use and distribution of any surplus funds remaining in the Post Closure Operating Fund after payment of all actual expenses, and for additional contributions by the Counties for unforeseen and unbudgeted expenses as may arise from time to time.

The current panel consists of the following members:

  • Schoharie County: Anthony VanGlad, County Chair and Phil Skowfoe Jr., County Representative
  • Otsego County: Karen Sullivan, Planning Director and Dan Crowell, Co.Treasurer
  • Montgomery County: Paul Clayburn, Co. Highway Superintendent and Shawn Bowerman,

County Treasurer

One of the first responsibilities of the Landfill Panel was to orchestrate an auction to auction off all the jointly owned equipment from the MOSA Dissolution. A total $ 216,685 was collected and distributed to each county at the historical percentage 42$ Montgomery, 40% Otsego and 18% Schoharie.


Through a separate contract agreement, the three counties assigned Montgomery County as the Landfill Manager to manage and maintain the three closed landfills that had previously been managed through MOSA. An annual budget was approved totally $550,275.00 for year 2014. The contract term for the Landfill Manager is a 5 year term.