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Property & School Tax Exemptions

Property Tax and School Tax

The County of Otsego under the approval of the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance authorizes Veterans Exemptions from Real Property Taxation.

All Veterans who have their primary residence in Otsego County should contact the Tax Assessor for their Township and request the tax form which the Tax Assessor will use to process their application for The Veterans Property Tax Exemption.

If you do not know who your Tax Assessor is you can contact my office at 607-547-5390 or you can email me at hensonj@otsegocounty.com. I will need to know the Township in which your primary residence is located. I will provide you with the correct Tax Assessor’s name for your Township.


The Tax Assessor will identify for you the correct tax form for you to complete.

I recommend you read the Instructions for Application for Alternative Veterans Exemption from Real Property Taxation. The instructions define how to complete Form RP-458-a-Ins. The Veterans tax exemptions for property tax will vary depending on whether the Veteran served in a combat theater or a combat zone and whether the Veteran has a disability rating.

Documents the Veteran will need to apply for the Veterans Real Property Tax Exemption:

  • A legible copy of their DD-214 or other type of Military Discharge Document.
  • The correct form which is usually the RP-458-a-Ins form.
  • Honorable discharge (under honorable conditions). Military Discharge will provide this identifier.
  • Cold War Veterans will use Form RP-458-b.

Who should be Contacted by the Veteran?

  • The final approval for the exemption will be made by the Tax Assessor. The Veteran is advised to talk with their Tax Assessor to determine which form the Tax Assessor requires the Veteran to submit.
  • Veterans may contact a Veterans Service Officer for Otsego County which includes me, or the NY State Representative located at the Oneonta office or Sidney office. We can assist the Veteran in completing the correct form.
  • The completed form is to be mailed or given to the Tax Assessor.

Does A Spouse, a dependent Father or Mother or a Child under age 21 Qualify?

  • In order to be exempt, the real property must be “owned” by the Veteran or by the spouse or unremarried surviving spouse, or dependent father or mother, or by the children under twenty-one years of age of the Veteran.
  • The qualifications should be discussed with the Tax Assessor in order for the qualifications to be fully met and approved by the Tax Assessor.
  • Refer to form RP-458-Ins for applying for this exemption.


The Veterans Tax Exemption is an excellent benefit for Veterans or their dependents who may qualify. I recommend the Veteran or the dependent contact their Tax Assessor and inform their Tax Assessor they would like to apply for the exemption