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Volunteer Opportunities

A disaster can occur at any time, in any community and without warning. Being prepared for all types of emergencies is crucial. We could be faced with a natural disaster, disease outbreak, or an act of terrorism. Your personal preparedness and your response as local citizens are essential to saving lives and recovering from such events.

Volunteers will be needed in the event of an emergency. When an emergency happens; wouldn't it be great to know that help is available? We can’t do it alone but we can as a team working together to support our communities. Please take a moment now and consider joining a volunteer organization.

If you are willing to volunteer; please explore the opportunities below and learn how you can help. The first step in becoming a volunteer is to find the right opportunity that best suits your needs.

  • Select a cause that you are passionate about
  • Select a volunteer opportunity that meets your skills, interests and schedule

Help put out fires!

Fire Response?

Emergency Medical Service Response?

Interested in animal resuce?

Help our animals in need!

Is communication your bag?

Help during hazardous weather!

Interested in helping with medical needs?

Want to save our pets?

Special Operations Response?